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We've gotten a lot of questions, especially regarding active fund managers and why it helps having your investments managed by humans instead of passively investing.

There has been some news recently that Michael Burry, the guy from The Big Short, and other large asset managers are starting to ring the alarm bells regarding passive investing.

Remember, Round's managers are all active fund managers and experts in their fields.

Jeff Gundlach, of DoubleLine (a large fund manager), has warned that passive investing has reached a mania status.

This mania has caused saturation in specific areas of the markets, and continues to get worse as most robo advisors and many financial advisors only allocate their clients to passive ETFs.

If this herd sells their passive ETFs during a recession, it can cause sharp price declines and a serious liquidity problem.

Even if these ETF providers fire sell assets, they may still be unable to meet everyone’s redemptions in a timely manner.

There can be a scenario where the Federal Reserve has to get involved and bail them out.

Given some of these risks built up in passive ETFs, it’s a great time to appreciate the merits of active investing that the fund managers on Round provide you with.

Also, if you have any topics you want us to dive deeper into, reach out to us! We have a snazzy new video team helping us create more of these videos.

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