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Before we dive into the investments, it's important to know that Round is a fiduciary. This means that we have a legal and ethical duty to act in your best interest.

We are here to be your partner when it comes to investing, so you can feel safe knowing that you have a team of investors watching over your nest egg. My co-founder and I have every single dollar outside of our checking accounts with Round.

We are fully invested alongside you.

Our strategy

In order to achieve the highest risk-adjusted return, our team has a specific investment process.

Our investment process:

The investments in your portfolio

At Round we allocate you to some of the biggest and most well known fund managers in the world.

There are thousands of funds in the US alone. We work tirelessly to allocate you to what we believe to be the best funds.

You are gaining exposure to both the stock and bond market, with a large focus on unique types of bonds.

Most people don't know much about the bond market. To that point, you might be surprised to learn that the bond market is larger than the stock market.

Some of the best opportunities for risk-adjusted returns have been found in some of the more complex and esoteric bond instruments, but most of the investors that focus on this area are large institutions.

Some of the funds that manage the Alternative Debt portion of your portfolio invest in Bank Loans and Collateralized Loan Obligations. These types of bonds also happen to pay a high level of dividend/interest income.

In our opinion, these fund managers have an unmatched expertise in understanding and selecting hyper complex and esoteric assets.

In this next tip we cover some mistakes that many individual investors make and how to avoid them!

-Saul & The Team

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